Regain Your Independence With the Help of An Audiologist in the Gold Coast

As a trusted audiologist in the Gold Coast with more than two decades in the field, we at the Mudgeeraba Hearing Centre understand the limitations that a loss of hearing can cause in your life. When you lose function of one of your senses, such as hearing, it often diminishes your quality of life through a loss of independence. Our hearing aids in the Gold Coast can help you to live your life to the fullest.

What You Can Expect from Mudgeeraba Hearing Centre As a Gold Coast Audiologist

You will always feel welcome and supported by our friendly and professional team. Client care is our priority, and it is what drives us forward to continuously excel in our service delivery through care and understanding your concerns.

  • You don’t need to have a referral to make your appointment for a full audiological assessment. If you do have access to your medical reports or have any recommendation from your GP, you are welcome to bring it along to your first Gold Coast hearing test as it can help us with an accurate diagnosis and to provide you with effective treatment of your hearing loss.
  • We have the latest cutting edge equipment at our clinic for excellent care. One of the features we are most proud of is our soundproof booth. Coupled with our extensive exposure in the industry and through continuous learning, we can assure you of optimal care.
  • A large part of our clientele is Australian pensioners, and therefore the design of our facility accommodates all kinds of disabilities. We are also an accredited hearing service provider that can offer care for Australian pensioners as well as DVA-funded clients through the support of the Commonwealth Government Hearing Service Programme.
  • Our clientele are Australian adults ranging from professionals to pensioners.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Gold Coast Hearing Aids

When it comes to our approach to client care, we consider it as a long-term relationship, and we will assist you on your journey. This support we provide includes hearing aid repairs in Gold Coast at our clinic. We also offer comprehensive guidance and tips on how to care for your hearing aids so they can function optimally.

  • When your hearing aid devices aren’t in use, we recommend you store them in a dry place. We suggest a Dri-air kit which will absorb any moisture. Your device should never get wet. Take care to put them away safely, out of reach of children and dogs.
  • Whenever you remove your device, it is vital that you give it a proper clean. Simply wipe it off with a soft tissue and while you are doing it, take the time to inspect it to see if there are any ear wax or other debris on it that you also need to remove.
  • It is best to remove your devices every time before you go to sleep. Also, don’t use your hearing aids when you have an ear infection. Rather let it heal first before inserting your device.

About Mudgeeraba Hearing Centre

We are an independent, locally-owned organisation and we keep all our staff members off any commission structures. Thus, we have no incentives for selling any particular brand or product. The motivation behind our management style is to ensure your needs always come first. It also gives us access to a much wider range of hearing solutions, so we can provide you with the best fit to resolve your specific concerns.

As there are so many solutions to hearing loss, we want to urge you not to wait any longer than necessary. Contact us and regain your independence without delay.